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In Bug Jam, you play as either the Bug or the Programmer. As the bug you infect the code, as the programmer you try to clean up the code and catch the bug.

Who are we

This game was made by Mottel Zrikind / Zixi Qin / Dun Huang / Oliver Ye /

Winston Wu  in TAG, Concordia University.

How to play

As the Programmer you play the game using the map we create, and the Bug using the helper in computer. Play the game by turns and for more detail rules please check the rule document.

It's base on a board game, and cause we haven'd made out the wireless version of the game, plz download the two application to two different computers and start playing after reading the rules.


Gameplay Doc V2.pdf 267 kB
Tutorial(Chinese ver).docx 203 kB
BugHelper v2.3.zip 2 MB
Programmer v1.4.zip 2 MB

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